Potlucks: The good, the bad and the ugly

Potlucks- The good, the bad and the ugly

Every hospital I have worked at has always had pot lucks.  Large groups of nurses, doctors, NPs, PA, RTs are known for bringing in large amounts of food to celebrate any occasion you can think of.  Typically pot lucks are great and I’m more than willing to bring a dish to pass.  After I’m particularly stuffed from a potluck, I sat down to write out thoughts on these delicious spreads and how they can make working days you would rather be with your family a little more enjoyable.

When I’m going to a friends for a party, it is almost always requested to bring my buffalo chicken dip like it’s fine cuisine.  It’s no where near fine cuisine but it’s a delicious combo of cream cheese, mozzarella, hot sauce, ranch dressing and chicken (the great American diet staples) all melted into one crock pot of gooey deliciousness.  Where did I get this recipe, do you ask? One of the countless work potlucks I’ve been a part of.  The first time I tasted this dip, I wanted to sneak in to the break room and steal the crock pot full of it to take home later when no one was looking!

The Good:

Makes working holidays more tolerable- sometimes even fun (who doesn’t love a themed potluck)

My work friends are excellent cooks and bakers

There is always tons of food and options

You never leave hungry

Great time with your co-workers

Team building

There’s always someone willing to bring the plates, napkins and eating utensils

You can eat as much as you want and have your waist band expand (scrubs are great)

The Bad:

Your favorite dish being eaten before you can take your break

When doctors or house keeping staff or staff not involved in pot luck comes and eats a large portion of the food without contributing

Never enough serving spoons or plugs for crock pots

Way too many desserts

Totally not diet friendly

The Ugly:

By the time you can go to break, all the food is gone or worse- sitting out for the past 8 hours

The plate you made and saved for yourself in the fridge gets stolen

Dragging home your dirty crockpot

Dropping that said crockpot on the sidewalk and having it shatter on the way home

Forgetting to bring your assigned salad dressing when the theme is salad potluck (I think my co-workers are still mad about that one!)

As another delicious pot luck concludes, I’m thankful for my wonderful, generous co-workers who help produce full Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners and meals for any celebration you can imagine, for each other while we have to celebrate these holidays with our co-workers and patients.  I refer to my co-workers as my work family and I couldn’t do the job I do without them.  Pot lucks are a wonderful way of showing appreciation and love to our work family and work wouldn’t be the same without them.

What’s your go to dish to bring to pot lucks?

Peace, love, and food